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BestSync 64Bit 7.3.30
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BestSync 64Bit 7.3.30

Publisher:RiseFly Software
Language:English, Chinese, ChineseSimplified, ChineseTraditional, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

BestSync 64Bit - BestSync is a professional utility for following solutions:

1. Synchronize files between PCs by utilizing network/USB drive, etc.

2. Synchronize files with FTP server, support FTP/FTPS/SFTP.

3. Synchronize/Backup files with WebDAV collection/AmazonS3/Google Storage Bucket.

4. Synchronize a folder with a ZIP file, support AES cryptographic algorithm to protect the zip file with password.

5. Synchronize Outlook (mail, contact, etc) and Windows Mail between PCs by utilizing FTP server, USB drive, etc.

6. Backup your critical files to the external hard disk, network storage, FTP server by scheduler.

BestSync has an easy to use interface and provides following advanced features:

1. Preview to confirm the hit file, and modify the action before starting synchronization.

2. Powerful file filtering and excluding function to synchronize necessary files only.

3. Resolves conflict intelligently and automatically. Can detect file copying, deleting and moving.

4. Detecting time zone, resolving conflicts caused by Daylight Saving Time change.

5. Recognizes a removable drive, even if mounted as a different letter than before.

6. Flexible schedule to sync or backup file automatically.

7. Download huge file in segments by multiple session simultaneously.

8. Secure the files by compression and encryption.

9. Support renaming file while synchronizing file.

10.Prevent file from being corrupted at any occasion.

11.Can run as Windows Service, no user is needed to log on OS system.

12. Backup overwritten files/deleted files before synchronization to ZIP file, and restore them when it is needed.

13.Real-time synchronization to copy files immediately after change.

14.Can copy opened/locked file, be capable of backup database etc.

15.Can resume transferring file from last breakpoint to ensure large file be copied in defined time in unstable network.

16.Informs the synchronization result by email.

17. Full Unicode support.

List of Changes:

Version 7.3.30 from 2012-11-17

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Version 7.3.27 from 2012-11-08

Fixed a bug when detect moved files in the right side folder.

Version 7.3.26 from 2012-11-04

Improved the two-way real-time synchronization function, and other improvements.

Version 7.3.25 from 2012-10-28

BugFix: Unable to decrypt file if password is not remembered by option.

Version 7.3.24 from 2012-10-27

Improved the FTP function to support more FTP servers.

Version 7.3.23 from 2012-10-13

Improved the filtering function of the include/exclude list.

Version 7.3.22 from 2012-10-11

Fixed a bug that some files may not be backed up to one zip file in multiple-threads mode.

Version 7.3.21 from 2012-10-06

Fixed a bug that may cause file lost when synchronize with FTP folder in unstable network environment.

Version 7.3.20 from 2012-09-30

Supported wildcard patterns in Exclude or Include rules.

Version 7.3.19 from 2012-09-26

Removed the dependency on .NET Framework 3.5 from the installer.

Version 7.3.18 from 2012-09-23

Fixed a bug that may copy back deleted files in two-way real-time sync mode.

Version 7.3.17 from 2012-09-19

Fixed a bug of ver 7.3.16 that the project file was not saved correctly.

Version 7.3.16 from 2012-09-17

Bug Fix: The service may failed to send e-mail due to failed to authenticate with server by CRAM-MD5.

Version 7.3.15 from 2012-09-16

Bug Fix: The name of the new folder was not synchronized correctly in real-time mode.

Version 7.3.14 from 2012-09-12

Bug Fix: Can not recover the encrypted file name if the original file path is longer than 260 characters.

Version 7.3.13 from 2012-09-09

Bug Fix: Failed to upload file to WebDAV when the server needs digest authentication.

Version 7.3.12 from 2012-09-07

Fixed a bug in encrypting file with file path longer than 256 characters.

Version 7.3.11 from 2012-09-02

Added new option to backup new added files, and new option to send notification email whenever the task is started.

Version 7.3.10 from 2012-08-26

Improved the real-time synchronization feature to avoid the problem that sometimes deleted files may be copied back from the other side.

Version 7.3.09 from 2012-08-22

Bug Fix: Exception error may cause a task hang-up and the task scheduler be unable to start the task again.

Version 7.3.08 from 2012-08-16

Bug Fix: Multiple-Parts download may cause file crash.

Version 7.3.06 from 2012-08-11

Bug Fix: The synchronization progress is always displayed as 100% in the retrying stage.

Version 7.2.25 from 2012-07-08

Supported synchronizing with Amazon S3 buckets that has more than 1000 objects in it.

Version 7.2.24 from 2012-07-01

Fixed a bug that may fail to preserve the timestamp of the uploaded file when synchronize with WebDAV collection.

Version 7.2.22 from 2012-06-28

Fixed a bug when synchronize with Amazon S3, and some improvments.

Version 7.2.20 from 2012-06-20

Fixed a bug that may cause failure when synchronize with WebDAV.

Version 7.2.18 from 2012-06-15

Fixed a bug that caused Outlook contact failed to be synchronized.

Version 7.2.17 from 2012-06-03

Supported setting the customized metadata to files uploaded to Amazon S3.

Version 7.2.16 from 2012-05-31

Fixed a bug when parse FTP MLSD command.

Version 7.2.15 from 2012-05-19

Improvement: Supported synchronizing SFTP Symbol-Links.

Version 7.2.14 from 2012-05-12

Fixed a bug that the preview tree may not show some sub-folders even the "Show all items" toolbar button is clicked.

Version 7.2.13 from 2012-05-06

Improved the performance for synchronizing with Amazon S3.

Version 7.2.12 from 2012-05-05

Fixed a problem that the Portable Version may fail to get the serial number of a disk.

Version 7.2.11 from 2012-05-04

ixed a problem that may display "Receive:Disconnected by Server" message in the FTP log when a task synchronizes with FTPS server.

Version 7.2.05 from 2012-04-27

Improvement: Convert the mounted network drive letter to UNC path automatically for the task that is set to run as Windows Service.

Version 7.2.04 from 2012-04-22

Fixed a bug (from version 7.2.01) that the task status and progress is not refreshed correctly.

Version 7.2.02 from 2012-04-12

Fixed an exception error when the detecting file moving option and the multiple threads option are selected.

Version 7.2.01 from 2012-04-08

Improvement: Added a "Running" tab to show all the running tasks;Display the synchronizing status and the progress of a running service task.

Version 7.1.04 from 2012-03-31

Fixed a bug that may cause FTP sessions be remained after synchronization when multiple threads option is used.

Version 7.1.03 from 2012-03-29

Fixed a bug that may cause files in the subfolder be deleted in real-time mode when synchronize with folder int FTP etc network folder.

Version 7.1.02 from 2012-03-25

Improved the performance for synchronizing with AmazonS3 Bucket.

Version 7.1.01 from 2012-03-18

Improved the performance when delete files from FTP, WebDAV collection, AmazonS3 Bucket.

Version 7.1.00 from 2012-03-13

Improved the analyzing speed when synchronize with FTP server and AmazonS3, and other improvements.

Version 7.0.26 from 2012-02-26

Fixed a problem that the cloud interface of amazon s3 can not be created.

Version 7.0.24 from 2012-02-11

Fixed a minor bug in the "General" setting page.

Version 7.0.23 from 2012-02-05

Bug Fix: Fixed a bug in the FTP keep-alive function that may cause large files fail to be uploaded to/downloaded from some kind of servers.

Version 7.0.22 from 2012-01-30

Improvement: Supported delayed-copying even the real-time synchronization is selected. Fixed a bug that may block the task at the end of the synchronization when backup to a ZIP file option is selected.

Version 7.0.21 from 2012-01-21

Fixed a bug in converting the timestamp of MLSD command.

Version 7.0.20 from 2012-01-19

Fixed a problem to support FTP servers that does not support renaming a file to an existing file.

Version 7.0.19 from 2012-01-10

Fixed a bug that caused the project file of 64bit version be not compatible with that of 32bit version.

Version 7.0.18 from 2012-01-08

Fixed the lost resource items of some language packs.

Version 7.0.17 from 2011-12-30

Added new features to synchronize with WebDAV colloection, Amazon S3 Bucket etc.

Version 6.2.43 from 2011-12-18

Added a new filtering method to exclude specified file types in the file

Version 6.2.40 from 2011-11-18

Fixed a bug that BestSync may be unable to connect to SFTP server due to the private key file is not decrypted correctly.

Version 6.2.39 from 2011-11-14

Support keeping alive FTP connection to transfer large file.

Version 6.2.37 from 2011-11-03

Fixed a bug that may cause exception error when write log data.

Version 6.2.36 from 2011-10-18

Fixed a bug that press ALT+F4 hot key will open the "Action" menu.

Version 6.2.34 from 2011-10-14

Fixed a bug that may cause some sub-folders not to be synchronized or be deleted in the multiple threads mode.

Version 6.2.31 from 2011-10-08

Fixed a bug that deleted files may be copied back even though the deleting option is "Delete the remaining file in other side".

Version 6.2.29 from 2011-09-25

Fixed a bug that may cause the first task that is set to run as Windows Service not be started.

Version 6.2.27 from 2011-09-16

Fixed a bug that may cause exception error when open a file in FTP server in the preview window, and other minor improvements.

Version 6.2.26 from 2011-08-20

Supported FTP servers that return the timestamp of file in its localized time in the response of MLSD/MLST command.

Version 6.2.25 from 2011-08-14

Enabled the real-time sync option for two-way sync with FTP folder.

Version 6.2.02 from 2011-05-06

Improved the performance for synchronizing with FTP server when encryption option and mirroring mode are selected.

Version 6.2.01 from 2011-05-03

Fixed some bugs when restore files in LogView Window. Display the size percentage bar in the size column of Preview Windows. And other improvements.

Version 6.1.14 from 2011-04-24

Added one more timestamp column in the preview window. And other improvements.


Synchronize file with USB/FTP/WebDAV/AmazonS3

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File Size: 11.1 Mb

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File Size: 11.1 Mb